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TUFFPAULIN 15 Ft X 12 Ft- 250 GSM Silver Tarpaulin

TUFFPAULIN 15 Ft X 12 Ft- 250 GSM Silver Tarpaulin

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  • TUFFPAULIN tarpaulin are made from superior quality polyethylene weave which provides durability with heavy duty thickness.
  • The tarpaulin is designed with stitch-less welded seams, Multi Layered Cross Laminated (MLCL), six-layer technology, metal reinforced grommets (eyelets) and unique design resists tears, rip or abrasion.
  • TUFFPAULIN tirpal not only are waterproof, they are also mildew-proof, washable and feature heat-sealed seams. Our tarpaulins are 100% recyclable and will last five times longer than ordinary tarp. From the construction site to the farm, our heavy-duty tarps are used for protective and waterproof temporary shelters in disaster zones, repair for roofs and walls, pitch a tent, sports field covers, hammock, creating a shower area, covering all types of equipment, goods and cargo, covering boats and bike, cars or motor vehicles and firewood cover.
  • Ideal for light, large or heavy scale construction, building material cover, agricultural, home and commercial gardening, recreational camping and hospitals & health centers.
  • Tarps are used for temporary shelter, emergency remediation, emergency roof patch material, temporary truck bed cover, emergency blanket, ground cover, protect storage, or drop sheet.
  • They can also be used to provide shelter from storm damage, resists from UV, high air, winds, airborne objects, rain, sun or sunlight. No matter what the usage, emergency or application is, TUFFPAULIN’s tarp provides longevity for all covering or protective needs. They are budget friendly, easy to handle, lightweight, simple in Installation and require minimal maintenance.


  • Actual size will be approx. half foot shorter due to eyelets
  • Actual size will be approx. half foot shorter due to eyelets
  • 6 Layers Laminated Structure – Unlike the traditional woven tarp which is a 3 layered product, Tuffpaulin tarpaulin is a 6 layered cross laminated multi-layered structure that is up-to 5X longer lasting and is completely seamless.
  • Waterproof – Tuffpaulin Tarps are stitch less and have heat sealed corners and edges. Rain or shine, snow or wind this heavy tarp can handle it well. It is UV resistant, waterproof and weather proof, and can withstand storms and the elements outdoors.
  • UV Resistant – Sunlight can’t harm Tuffpaulin tarpaulin. It is fortified with UV resistant additives that increase the life when in the exposure of sunlight
  • Dual protection built-in Grommets – The automatically welded metal gromets combined with ultrasonic plastic gromets on corners and after every approx. 3 feet for allow easy tie-downs.
  • The Best Around – Made from 6 layered cross laminated films, this material is made to last longer than ordinary tarps. Don't get tired of replacing torn, worn-out plastic tarps, use one that offers the best protection and is designed to last.
  • Uses - Can be used as weather and yard equipment cover. In outdoor it can be used for protection sheet for tent, pool, sandbox, boats, wood, bikes, dump bins, cars or motor vehicles. Providing camping shelter from the wind, rain or sunlight for campers. As roof for shade or emergency roof patch material, truck bed cover, debris removal drawstring tarp. It is portable, washable, durable and reusable.
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