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VNR 751 Chilli Seeds

VNR 751 Chilli Seeds

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Dual Hybrid, with good LCV and CMV tolerance
Uniform, Green colour smooth texture glossy fruit
Quick drying, with good dry property and good dry recovery
Strong plant canopy, with close bearing, good heat set and continuous bearing with uniform size
First Harvest 60-65 Days
Seed Quantity Per Acre 120-140 Gms
Sowing Distance Between Row & Ridges 60-65 Cms
Sowing Distance Between Plants 30-35 Cms
Pest Tolerance Thrips Disease Tolearance CMV
Color Green to Light Green Shape Medium long with pointed
Fruit Size-Length 10-12 Cms Fruit Size-Width 1.2-1.4 Cms Fruit Weight 10-12 Gms
Low branching, need to maintain close spacing

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