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BARRIX Magic Glue

BARRIX Magic Glue

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  • Cost-Effective DIY Kit: A pocket-friendly solution for farmers, easy to install and use.
  • Attracts and Traps 27 High-Risk Sucking Pests: Including aphids, white flies, leaf miners, western flower thrips, and more.
  • 24/7 Crop Protection: Safeguard your crops day and night with this amazing monitoring tool.
  • Early Pest Attack Identification: Effectively identifies pest attacks in the initial stages for timely control measures.
  • Easy Sheet Replacement: Simply replace sheets once filled with trapped pests.
  • Sun & Heat Proof: Built to withstand sun and heat exposure for prolonged use.
  • Rainwater Proof: Designed to resist water and maintain effectiveness even in rainy conditions.
  • Scientifically Researched Color Alluring Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge color frequencies for optimal pest attraction.

Choose Barrix Magic Glue for comprehensive pest monitoring and control. Effectively attract, trap, and identify high-risk sucking pests to protect your crops and boost productivity. With its cost-effective DIY approach and advanced technology, this monitoring tool is your key to successful and sustainable crop cultivation.

For Identification, Monotoring & Control 1 kit / acre

Contains: 300ml Barrix Magic Glue with Free 40 poly covers (30 yellow + 10 blue)

Recommended Crop:

For all crop cultivation.

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