Welcome Soil Testing Labs!

DesiKheti is excited to invite soil testing labs to join our platform. By registering with us, you can connect with a vast network of farmers and avail of various benefits.

Benefits of partnering with DesiKheti:

  1. Access to Farmer Network: Partnering with DesiKheti gives you access to a wide network of farmers who may require your soil testing services.

  2. Market Visibility: By being listed on DesiKheti, your lab gains visibility among farmers looking for reliable soil testing services.

  3. Business Growth: Partnering with DesiKheti can help you expand your business reach and grow your customer base.

How to Join:

To register your soil testing lab with DesiKheti, simply fill out the form below. Our team will review your application, and upon approval, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being part of the DesiKheti platform.