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Veni Micro

Veni Micro

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When to use Veni Micro?

Vegetables: One application in early vegetative phase and repeat 1-2 applications at 15 days interval

Flowers: Apply daily

Fruits: During vegetative and reproductive stage at 15 days intervals

How does Veni Micro work?

Veni Micro acts as bio-stimulant which stimulates healthy growth and enhances fertility in the plants.


  • Rapid absorption by plants
  • Suitable for foliar application and through drip application
  • Builds critical levels of many trace elements
  • Healthier and greener plants
  • Supports in correcting trace elements deficiencies
  • Increases the levels of energy, water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Improves crop immune system against pest and disease attack
  • Enhances abiotic stress tolerance in plants
  • Meets the demands of high yielding varieties


2ml per litre of water as foliar spray / drip feed / soil drench


Compatibility and other info

Compatibility: Compatible with all pesticides, bio-pesticides, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and other inputs as tank mix.

Shelf life: It is stable for a period of 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Re-entry barrier: No re-entry barrier

Pre-Harvest Interval: No waiting period for harvest

Other information: Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non-Inflammable

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