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BARRIX Hunter – RPW Lure

BARRIX Hunter – RPW Lure

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  • Barrix Hunter Pheromone trap & Lure to control agriculture pest Red Palm Weevil is an one of the flagship product developed from Barrix Research & Development Center which is approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.

Features & Benefits

  • Cellulose Matrix Entrapment Technology.
  • Synergistic effect with kairomone.
  • 10 times more powerful than ordinary lures.
  • 99% pure isomer specific para pheromone impregnated.
  • Long lasting performance up to 60 days.
  • Biodegradable formulation.
  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly.

Damage Identification

Its difficult to identify the pest infestation at the early stages, after the eggs are laid and grubs have emerged from eggs will start feeding inside the tree, then only we can see the real infestation through the symptoms as shown below 

How Many To Use:

  • 1 Trap per acre. If the infestation is more then increase the number of traps. 
  • Replace Lure every 60days. 

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