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Vici Routz SP

Vici Routz SP

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When to use Vici Routz SP?

Vici Routz SP is a natural product containing soil probiotics and prebiotics that stimulates the crop growth and root system, increases the tolerance to soil borne diseases which results in increased nutrient uptake and increased yield.

How it works

How does Vici Routz SP work?

Soil probiotics and prebiotics in Vici Routz SP act as bio-primers that:

  • Improves crop vigour and makes the crop less susceptible to diseases
  • Boosts the plantโ€™s resistance to drought and other types of abiotic stress
  • Acts as a bio-stimulant โ€“ a treated crop becomes stronger, healthier resulting in higher yield
  • Natural and safe for both people and the environment

Directions for use

Application of Vici Routz SP

  • Drench Vici Routz SP solution to nursery beds after sowing
  • Seedling, planting material dip in solution at the time of transplanting, planting
  • Drench the solution one and two weeks after sowing, transplanting


Vici Routz SP is compatible with biopesticides, biofertilizers. It is advisable to avoid mixing with chemicals.

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