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Abhishek Bitter Gourd Seeds

Abhishek Bitter Gourd Seeds

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More Yield per Picking

ā™¦ Plant Vigour : Very High

ā™¦ Fruit Colour : Dark Green

ā™¦ Fruit Length : 20-26 Cm

ā™¦ Average Fruit Weight : 110-120 G

ā™¦ Fruit Girth : 3.5-4 Cm

ā™¦ Fruit Shape : Spindle, Thick, Medium Long

ā™¦ Picking : 50 to 60 Days

ā™¦ Crop Duration : 110-120 Days

ā™¦ Presence of Prickle : Yes, Sharp

ā™¦ Intensity of Prickle : More

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