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YaraVita Zintrac 700 Fertilizer

YaraVita Zintrac 700 Fertilizer

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Specifications :

Zinc Oxide suspension concentrate

Zn 39.5% (Chloride free)

  • Zintrac 700 is a highly concentrated flowable zinc formulation containing 39.5 per cent zinc.
  • Higher nutrient concentration means that application rates are lower.
  • Zintrac 700 is designed for rapid uptake and long term feeding power, so fewer applications are required.
  • It is made from pharmaceutical grade raw materials and is free from impurities.
  • Co-formulants such as wetting, sticking, dispersion and stabilizing agents ensure rain fastness, efficient, safe and easy use.
  • Widely tank mixable, Zintrac 700 can be co-applied with many agrochemicals

Product Application Advice:

  • Apple: First application at petal fall stage @ 1 ml/litre water (Foliar). Second application post harvest @ 1 ml/litre water (Foliar). Maximum water rate: 800 l/acre.
  • Bananas: 0.625 litre at 45-50 days after Planting and repeat at 90-95 days after Planting. Water rate: 500-750 liter/ha. Do not spray on developing fruit.

  • Carrot: 0.625 liter/ha when crop is 15 cm tall. For moderate to severe deficiency repeat applications at 10 to 14 day intervals. Water rate: 500 l/ha

  • Cauliflower: 0.625liter/hectare at the 25-30 days crop stage. Water rate: 500 liter per hectare
  • Cereals: 0.625 liter/hectare at 30-35 days after sowing and repeat at 45-50 days after sowing . Water rate: 500 l/ha
  • Chick Peas: 0.625 liter/hectare at 30-40 days crop stage. Water rate: 500 l/ha
  • Coffee: Spray 0.5 - 0.75 ml/litre water firstly at the pre-flowering stage and secondly at the berry formation stage. Water rate: 1000 to 1250 l/ha
  • Citrus: 0.625 to 1.0 liter/hectare at Pre Flowering and repeat at post flowering. water rate 500-750 liter/hectare
  • Cotton: 0.5 liter/hectare at 30-35 days and repeat at 45-50 days after sowing. Water rate 500 liter/hectare
  • Cucumber (field grown): 0.3 liter/hectare at the 25-30 days and repeat at 40-45 days after sowing. Water rate: minimum 500 l/ha.
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