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Anup Bush Beans Seeds

Anup Bush Beans Seeds

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  • Anup Beans Is Bushy Type Plant Variety
  • First Picking Start from 40 - 45 Days After Sowing.
  • High Yielding Variety


  • Pod Height/ Weight: Pods Length 12 - 14 Cms Long & Av. Weight 8 - 9 Gms Thick Flesh.
  • Plant Shape/ Size: Plants Are Vigorous, Dark Green Lustrous Leaves.
  • Pods: Pods Are Dark Green Glossy, Stringless, Round.
  • Seed Clor: Seeds Are Dark Brown Colour
  • Suitable Season/ Region: Recommended for All Season.
  • Disease/ Pests: Tolerance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus & Halo Blight & Curly Top Virus

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