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Indam Ruby Queen (OP) Beetroot Seeds

Indam Ruby Queen (OP) Beetroot Seeds

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  • Plant -Bushy, vigorous, broad leaves
  • Root - Round, uniform crimson red colour. Average fruit weight of 200g
  • Duration - Harvesting starts in about 55 days from planting
  • Remarks - High yielding variety
  • Soil Requirements: Well drained red loamy soil
  • Height after growth: 1 foot
  • Best time to plant : Sowing June-November
  • Sunlight Requirement: Natural sunlight
  • Watering Requirements/ Moisturing Needs: Whenever surface soil is dry
  • Additional planting and growing instructions: Sow the seeds 1-2cm deep
  • Specific Uses For Product: Used as seeds only and not for consumption
  • Description of the warranty: Seeds to be sown before expiry date
  • Special care instructions: Regularly apply nutrients and plant protection

9000 - 10000 seeds in 200 gm packet or tin

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