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Raja (NCS-954) Cotton Seeds

Raja (NCS-954) Cotton Seeds

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Raja NCS-954 BG II Cotton Seeds

Plant Height : Tall
Morphological Characters : Erect open sturdy plant
Maturity Group : Medium
Reaction to Major Pests : Tolerant to whiteflies and Jassids & moderately tolerant to Thrips
Petal & Pollen Colour and Spot : Yellow petal and Yellow pollen
Boll Shape & Size : Big and round
Agronomic Features : Responds to added fertilizers Quality of produce
Quality of Produce : Ginning 35 – 36%, Staple Length: 31.0 – 32.0 mm,Strength: 32 – 33 g/tex, Micronaire: 4.0 – 4.9
Reaction to Stresses : Suitable to varied agro-climatic conditions
Special Features / USP’s :
  • Big boll, good opening and easy picking
  • Tolerant to sucking pests
  • Long staple


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