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Sarpan Solo-109 Papaya Seeds

Sarpan Solo-109 Papaya Seeds

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  • Sarpan Solo-109 Hybrid Papaya Seeds with short plant height, produce uniform size small fruits of 800 gm to 1000 gm.
  • Fruits are orange-red in color, flesh is dark orange with unique flavor and very tasty. High TSS with family size fruits.
  • A well grown, well-maintained plant bears 120-150 fruits per plant per year.
  • Fruits are ready for harvest by 7-8 months after planting in the main field.
  • Among all papaya grown this Solo has the unique taste and widely accepted by consumers.
  • Gynodioecious plants and every plant bears fruit.
  • Productive life of plant 12-15 months.

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