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AG Fort

AG Fort

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A First of Its Kind Product, AG Fort Is a Plant Health Stimulant that Helps the Plants Cope Better with A Disease. by Activating Immunity Pathways in Plants, Ag Fort Primes the Plant for Disease Onset and Helps It Cope Better with Viral Incidences.

Ag Fort Is Powered by SUPR (Specific Upregulation of Pathogen Resistance) Pathways Technology to Unlock the Plant's Defense Mechanism and Improve the Overall Health of The Plants.

Ag Fort Is Based on A Prophylactic Approach and Should Be Applied Before the Disease Occurs.



Application Schedule:

Apply 2-3 Rounds of Foliar Spray at Interval of 15 Days.

Benefits Of Usage

  • Reduced Symptoms of Viral Disease.
  • Delays Disease Onset.
  • Disease-Free New Growth.
  • Minimizes Yield Loss.
  • Marketable Crop Produce.
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