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Black Star Brinjal Seeds

Black Star Brinjal Seeds

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Plant: Medium tall, thornless, spreading plants

Fruit: Fruits are solitary, elongated bell shaped, blackish purple. Average fruit weight of 300-400g

Maturity: Early harvesting starts in about 55 days from planting

Season: Suitable for kharif season


Eggplant is a warm-weather plant. The optimum temperature for germination is 24-29°C (seedlings should emerge in 6-8 days) and 22-30°C for growth and fruit development. Full sun is a must. Eggplant is adaptable to different kinds of soil conditions. Deep, fertile and well-drained sandy loam or silt loam soils are desirable. Eggplant cannot tolerate frost and the growth of young plants is retarded when the temperature is below 16°C. Eggplant can tolerate drought and excessive rainfall, but growth slows when temperatures exceed 35°C.

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