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Indus 1504 Yellow Capsicum Seeds

Indus 1504 Yellow Capsicum Seeds

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Suitable Climate for Capsicum Farming - Capsicum is basically a cool-season crop and day temperatures less than 30°C are favorable for growth and yield. But due to the introduction of a good number of hybrids with wider adaptability, it can be successfully cultivated in warm climatic places like Goa state. But very high temperature results in rapid plant growth and affects fruit set. Lower night temperature favors flowering and fruit set.

Hence, planting during September-October in Goa will coincide with a milder climate during flowering and fruiting i.e. November-February. Shading is required during summer to avoid temperature build-up in greenhouses.

GERMINATION : 80 - 90%.

QUANTITY :100-120 gm / Acre Approx.

PRODUCTION : 5-10 Quintal / Acre Approx.

MATURITY: 60 - 65 days.

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