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Makkhan Grass Seeds

Makkhan Grass Seeds

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  • High Nutrition (14-18% crude protein) highly palatable and succulent multi cut annual grass
  • Makkhan Grass can be used as fresh as well as hay
  • Makkhan Grass improves milk production and quality especially milk solids.
  • Dry matter Digestibility is very high - 65%


    • SEED RATE:
      • Solo sowing - 5 to 6 kg per Acre
      • Combination with Berseem – 2 to 3 Kg per Acre


    • DOSAGE: 6 Kg per acre


    • Cultivated in Winter
    • Makkhan Grass is a winter forage crop and suitable to sow from October to December.


Additional Information


    • All kinds of agriculture soils are suitable with normal PH – 6.5 to 7.


    • Makkhan Grass will be sown plot wise in rows at 30 cm. Soil should be prepared with 6 inches of loose soil and 0.5 inch of fine topsoil. Seed can be applied with a broadcast spreader, seeder, hydroseeder or by hand. Care must be taken not to cover the seed with more than 1/4inch of topsoil Roll to ensure good seed to soil contact.


    • Soil temperatures should be above 65 degrees F (18 degrees C). Optimum soil temperature for germination and root growth is 75 degrees to 80 degrees F (24 degrees to 27 degree C).


    • Keep seedbed moist to enhance germination. Under ideal conditions, germination will begin within 10 to 14 days and should be complete within 18 days. Full establishment should occur in 4 to 6 weeks.
    • Establishment time may vary if planting date occurred early or late in the planting season.


    • Apply 15 – 20 Mt FYM at the time of land preparation. Fertilizer will be applied before sowing.
    • Nitrogen - 30 kg
    • Phosphorus - 20 kg per acre and
    • 30 kg Nitrogen per acre after every cutting.


    • First irrigation should be immediate after sowing and second irrigation is about 5 to 6 days after sowing.
    • Later on, at 10 days interval, Or as per need. After 1st irrigation manual weeding and 20kg. Nitrogen will be applied.


    • First cutting will be depending upon the growth 50 -60cm height or 50 to 60 days after sowing. Further cutting will be at 25 to 30 days interval depending on growth.


  • Makkhan Grass is very sensitive to weedicides, so no weedicide should be sprayed.

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