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NS 1840 Chilli Seeds

NS 1840 Chilli Seeds

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Plants are vigorous and medium tall. Fruits are medium long (10cmx1.1cm), dark green turning to attractive deep colour and medium pungent. It dries flat and is suitable for dry chilli market. This hybrid bears heavy yields and is a consistent performer.

  • Hybrid type: Red Dry
  • Relative days to maturity(DS) - Green: 70
  • Relative days to maturity(DS) - Red: 80
  • Wall thickness: medium
  • Immature fruit colour: dark green
  • Mature fruit colour: deep red
  • Pungency SHU: high 60,000
  • Length x grith: 10 x 1.1
  • Remarks: consistent yielder, dries flat, suitable for whole chilli and powder
  • Recommended for: Indiaย 

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