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NS 7455 Muskmelon Seeds

NS 7455 Muskmelon Seeds

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Cantaloupe Type

A cantaloupe hybrid with medium to early maturity of 65 - 70 days. Full slip fruits with fine netting and each weighing 1.5 - 2.0 Kg. Flesh colour is deep salmon with medium thickness and small cavity. It has a good texture and sweetness (TSS 13 - 14 %). This is the best selling hybrid in India.


  • Hybrid type: Cantaloupe Type
  • Relative days to maturity(DS) - Green: 65-70
  • Fruit size (kg): 1.5-2.0
  • Fruit shape: oval
  • Netting on fruit: good
  • Flesh colour: deep salmon
  • Flesh texture: good
  • Seed cavity: small
  • TSS %: 13-14
  • Remarks: high yield, attractive fruit, good sweetness
  • Recommended for: India

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