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NS 777 Watermelon Seeds

NS 777 Watermelon Seeds

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A new hybrid with early maturity (75-80 days) and excellent fruit setting
ability. The fruits have an attractive oval shape with dark green stripes on a green rind. It is a vigorous hybrid with fruits weighing 9-10 kg. The flesh is an excellent bright red in colour, granular textured
and sweet to taste (12-13% TSS)

Hybrid type :

Oval To Oblong Type Hybrids

Relative days to maturity (DS) :


Rind Pattern :

green rind with dark green stripes

Fruit size (kg) :


Fruit shape :

oval to oblong

Flesh colour :

deep crimson

Flesh texture :

very good

Sweetness TSS (%) :


Remarks :

early hybrid with attractive fruits

Recommended for :



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