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Bhakti Cotton Seeds

Bhakti Cotton Seeds

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Plant Height


Reaction to Major Pests

Resistant to American Bollworm, Pink Bollworm, Spotted Bollworm and

Spodoptera. Tolerant to sucking pests, Jassids and Whitefly

Boll Shape & Size

Medium and oval

Quality of Produce

Ginning%: 35 โ€“ 36%, Staple length: 27.5 โ€“ 32.0 mm, Strength: 25-28 g / tex., Micronaire: 4.0- 4.9

Reaction to Stress

Suitable for varied agro-climatic conditions & drought tolerance

Special Features/usps

Tall growing nature suitable for closer spacing

High sucking pestsโ€™ tolerance

High yield More No. of bolls per plant

Good rejuvenation ability

Plant Height

160-175 cms

Days to flower

46-48 days

Days to maturity

75-78 days

Stem colour and thickness

Green & medium thick

Earhead shape


Earhead compactness

Very Compact

Earhead length

25-28 cm

Grain colour

Attractive gray

Grain size and shape

Medium & globular



Special features

DM tolerant


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