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Sarpan Kolkata Marigold Seeds

Sarpan Kolkata Marigold Seeds

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10 gm seed – count 3000 – 3200
 80 % germination gives 2400 seedlings per 10 gm seed.
Planting spacing 90 x 60 cm standard or 75x60.
In our case plant at 75x30 cm or 90x30 cm depending on fertility of soils.
After 35-40 days of transplanting, first flowering plants are always disc florets- male type which are called single or Piraki-single petal or multi-petal type which do not appear attractive and do not fetch price in market. Up root these plants at 30-45 days period after planting..
40-50 % are male type . After uprooting these, you will get 50 % plants at 75x60 cm spacing .
This will retain 7500 seedlings per acre.
You need 50 gm per acre cost Rs 3750.00 which provides 7500 double flower seedlings which cost Rs 45-50 paisa per plant. This is more economical .Flowers are medium large weigh 10-15gm .

Excellent shelf life.
Competitor’s seed cost Rs2.00 - 3.0 per seedling which might not feasible for all the farmers. Cost benefit is excellent with Sarpan. But, before recommending this product we need to educate the customer on growing practices. Up rooted plants is excellent manure insecticidal value.

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