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Sarpan – 132 Chilli Seeds

Sarpan – 132 Chilli Seeds

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All season for Fresh green chilli. Plants are compact, tall 75-90 cm. Fruits are long 12-15 cm long, yellow green-Parrot green, oily, shiny, firm, seeded,  Hot pungent-35000-40000 Scoville heat unit and excellent   shelf life.  Fruits are pendent.  First picking by 60-70 days after planting, prolific bearer and high yielding. Tolerant to leaf curl, wilt and   heat.

  • Plant type : Compact bushy.
  • Height : 70-90 cm
  • Fruit habit: pendent, prolific bearer.
  • Fruit colour: Yellow green-parrot green. oily shiny
  • Fruit length: 12-15 cm.
  • Special features: Firm fruits, seeded, Hot-35000-40000Scoville heat units,

Excellent shelf life, ready for harvest by 60-70 days, tolerant to - heat,

wilt and leaf curl. High yielding and prolific bearer .

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