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Sarpan Dandicut - 2 Chilli Seeds

Sarpan Dandicut - 2 Chilli Seeds

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A unique F1 hybrid developed for on plant harvested de-stemmed chilli red wet and semi dried chillies. Fruits are up right, seeded, firm 5-6 cm long, pungent 55000-60000 SHU  . Suitable for fresh green and dry red . Dry fruits are dark red -160- 180 ASTA . Special hybrid developed with highest value addition of on plant de-stemmed fruits reducing labour for de stemming after crop harvest. Fruits are up right, light green, seeded and firm . Plants grow to a height of 60-75 cm and prolific bearer. Highly tolerant for leaf curling, sucking pests and high  heat. Suitable for green fresh with stalk ,de-stemmed red fresh and for dry fruits ( on plant de-stemmed red fruits ie, without stalk). 

  • Plant type : Up right, Semi tall variety.
  • Uniqueness: On plant harvesting of de-stemmed red wet fruits.
  • Fruit habit : Up right, prolific bearer.
  • Fruit colour: Green shiny fresh, dark red dry fruits -160-180 ASTA colour..
  • Fruit length : 6-7 cm
  • Pungency : Hot 55000-60000 SHU- Scoville heat units.
  • Special features : All season unique F1 hybrid developed to harvest red fruits without stalk-on plant de-stemmed which is highest value addition for consumers and spice companies. Suitable for green fresh fruits with stalk and wet red and semi dried  fruits without stalk ie harvested without stalk from plant. Highly tolerant to leaf curl, sucking pests, wilt and high heat. Plants grow to a height of 70-80 cm prolific bearer and very high yielding.

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