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Vidi Greenpath

Vidi Greenpath

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When to Use Vidi Greenpath?

Use Vidi Greenpath for Management Of Spider Mites, Thrips, Plant Hoppers in Several Crops And Tea Mosquito Bug In Tea

Reasons to Use Vidi Greenpath

  • Green Product
  • Safe to Natural Parasites, Predators and Pollinators
  • Approved to Use in Organic Agriculture Under NPOP, India
  • Vidi Greenpath Does Not Have Any Chemical Carriers/solvents.
  • Sustainable, Eco-Friendly
  • Avoid Risk of Pesticide Residues
  • Tool for Pest Resistance Management
  • No Re-Entry Barrier
  • No PHI Issues
  • Not Sensitive to UV Radiation
  • Used in IPM Programs Which Lead to A Reduction in The Use of Chemical Pesticides
  • Environmental Aspect: Ecologically Compatible and Safe
  • Economics: Leads to Pest Reduction Which Improves Plant Health and Thereby Increases Crop Productivity

How Does Vidi Greenpath Work?

Vidi Greenpath Contains Alkaloids that Work as An Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) and Act as An Antifeedant Agent Against Nymphs and Adults. Affected Insects Do Not Molt Leads to Pest Reduction. It Also Has an Ovicidal Action on Mites And Thrips.

Directions for Use

Application of Vidi Greenpath

  • Fill the Spray Tank with Half the Desired Amount of Water and Start Agitation.
  • Shake Vidi Greenpath Thoroughly Then with The Agitator Running, Slowly Add the Desired Amount to The Spray Tank.
  • Add Remainder of Desired Amount of Water and Mix Thoroughly.
  • Shake the Bottle Of Adpro Shootin And Add the Right Dosage to The Spray Solution Then Mix Thoroughly.
  • Spray Immediately After Preparation. for Best Results, Continue Agitation During Spraying.


Vidi Greenpath 0.15-0.2% (1.5-2ml/ L Water)
Adpro Shootin 0.2-0.3 Ml/l Water
Number of Applications 2-3 (depending on The Pest Pressure)
Interval Between 2 Applications 8-10 Days



Vidi Greenpath Is Compatible with Biopesticides and With Conventional Chemical Pesticides.

Best Working Conditions

  • Start the First Application at The First Appearance of The Insect Pest.
  • Spray Vidi Greenpath Combinations in The Early Hours of The Morning or Late in The Afternoon for Better Results. Avoid Applying in Direct Sunlight.
  • It Is Recommended to Apply Vidi Greenpath in Combination With Adpro Shootin/surfactant.
  • Thorough Leaf Coverage Is Essential for Best Results Especially the Underside of The Leaves Where the Pest Is Located.
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