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US 6214 Bitter Gourd Seeds

US 6214 Bitter Gourd Seeds

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  • Excellent vine vigor with good crop longevity
  • Dark green, attractive, glossy, medium long size fruits
  • Fruits are suitable for long distance shipping
  • Average fruit length is 16 to 20 cm

Tips for Growing Gourd

Soil : Well drained sandy loams and clay loam soil is ideal for the crop.
Sowing time : Rainy and Summer
Optimum temp.for germination : 28 - 320C
Spacing : Row to Row : 120cm, Plant to Plant : 45cm
Seed rate : 600 - 700 gm / acre.
Preparation of Main field : Deep ploughing and harrowing.● Add well decomposed FYM 7-8 tones per acre ● Open ridges & furrows at required spacing (Apply basal dose of fertilizer as recommended) ● Irrigate the field one day before sowing

Chemical Fertilizer : Fertilizer requirement varies with soil fertility

Basal dose before sowing: 25:50:50 NPK kg / acre
• 30 days after sowing: 25:00:50 NPK kg / acre
• Use N & K after 25-30 days: 25:00:30 NPK kg / acre
depend on crop condition

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