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NS 499 Cucumber Seeds

NS 499 Cucumber Seeds

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This hybrid identified for green house growing in late spring summer and early autumn season has vigorous plants with open plant habit. It is a gynoecious parthenocarpic hybrid with 3-5 fruits per node. The fruits are medium long (16-19cm), attractive, slightly ribbed and dark green. It is tolerant to powdery mildew. 

  • Hybrid type: Biet Alpha Types
  • Relative days to maturity (DS): medium
  • Fruit shape: cylindrical
  • Fruit length (cm): 16-19
  • Fruit weight (g): 150-160
  • Fruit colour: dark green
  • Remarks: pathenocarpic, multipistillate, suitable for green house growing
  • Recommended for: South East Asia, Middle East

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