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Hari Rani Cabbage Seeds

Hari Rani Cabbage Seeds

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While features like dark green leaves, compact, semi round and light green heads make this hybrid crop visually appealing, its added characteristics – including an average head weight of 1.4 to 1.8 kg, a field holding capacity of over 20 days and a maturity date of about 80 days post transplanting - ensures the marketability of the product.
  • Head Shape : Flat Round
  • Head Colour : Light Green
  • Head Compactness : Compact
  • Head Weight : 1400 - 1800 gm
  • FHC : Above 20 Days
  • Maturity : 72 - 80 Days
  • Good field holding capacity
  • Late Maturing Variety
  • compact head, suitable for distant transport

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